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Thank you for stopping by! I am so happy that you want to know more about Wave Lash. This company was built with a lot of love and dedication. I am a licensed esthetician & Lash ARtist. MY core backgrounds is in organic, so you better believe I care about my clients skin & overall Health! Lash extensions have a mixed reputation. I strive to give the best experience & use the best/healthiest products. Everything i use of sell I have tried personally. From my green tea Gel pads to my gental aftercare wash has been all chosen by me. My state of the art Custom bed to your choice of music is here to make your experience and comfort true to you! I strive to make every client look their best by giving them custom eyelash extensions. Whether it’s for a glam event or an everyday look, Wave Lash is here to cater to you! Book an appointment today, and hope to see you soon!

Best Regards,

Raquel Hopson

Founder of Wave Lash