• 1st Set : After you receive a Full Set you don't need another one as long as you come in for fills! To a refill, 40% of your lashes should still be remaining. Refills should be every 2 weeks.


  • One of a Kind : Even if it might not look like you need a fill, some hairs have grown at least half way from the base and need to be changed out. Every hair has it's own growing cycle! While some shed in patches, others shed evenly.


  • Uh Oh : Heat, oil, and moisture is not your lashes friend. So watch how you hold your hot hair tools and after a workout/activity to wash your lashes afterwards. Even if you been in the office or outside all day just relaxing, be conscious that your body produces natural oils and protein that sits on your lids and lashes.


  • Please Routine : Get your self in the groove of having a lash routine. Keep that lash cleanser next to your sink and keep that lash brush in your purse. As silly as it might seem, it's important to give your lashes the TLC that they need.